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Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set
Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set
Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set
Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set
Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set
Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set
Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set
Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set

Stay Focused: Corporate Journal Gift Set

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A journal set that every corporate worker needs!
Give suppliers, customers, and employees this Jacinto & Lirio's Corporate Journal Set. It's a multi-purpose vegan leather journal planner that they could use as a wallet, organizer, journal holder, and many more! This gift set contains:

Fauna Mahika Undated Planner Magic Wallet Purse, designed to help keep your to-do lists and schedules in one place

2pcs Fauna Mahika Planner Pocket Size Refills and reuse the Fauna planner as a holder in writing journals.

Personalize it for a more heartfelt appreciated gift with a name/logo engravement for a minimum order of 100 pieces !

** This gift set is a made-to-order product. It requires a minimum purchase of 50 pcs. Please contact the Jacinto & Lirio team to request for a quotation. **

** To buy these items individually, please refer to the hyperlinked product texts above. Other products belonging in this gift set are not available for retail sale. It is only available for made-to-order transactions. **

◉ Fauna Mahika Undated Planner Magic Wallet Purse

◉ Two Fauna Mahika Planner Pocket Size Refills


DATELESS MONTHLY AND WEEKLY PLANNER: Keep your plans organized without the need to waste space by skipping dates that have no events with this vegan leather planner that’s undated, giving you more control in planning.

The planner contains sections printed in monthly, weekly, plain and dotted pages, giving you choices on how to plan your schedule in one section, then scribble down notes in another.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Paint on the water hyacinth portions or covers using acrylic paint or water color after applying a primer, draw using permanent markers or have your name engraved or printed for a more customized look.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our brand uses sustainably harvested vegan leather that helps in lessening the water hyacinths that are infesting bodies of water in different local communities

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Through the creation of well-designed, functional, and Philippine-inspired vegan leather-goods, Jacinto & Lirio aims to improve the lives of people from both ends of the spectrum—the water hyacinth communities who are empowered through meaningful work, and the people purchasing who are enriched by the eco-friendly products. We aim to work within a collaborative business model for the purpose stated in the mission- social impact in livelihood, environmental protection and product innovation

NOTE: The water hyacinth has natural black/brown marks as well as wrinkles. Sometimes you will see this, sometimes none. It’s randomly seen depending on the stalks of the water hyacinth.

1. Fauna Mahika Undated Planner Magic Wallet Purse

It has 4 exterior card holders for easy-to-reach cards which you frequently use like calling cards. It also has an interior card holder with 3 slots plus 1 ID window to store your credit cards.

It allows you to save time while securely holding any paper type item like receipts, paper bills or cards. Just flip it back and forth to store in the garterized compartments.

Fauna also has room for your spare change with its zippered coined purse which can double as a cord holder.

The built-in bookmark allows you to mark those important details you need to keep or gives ease to return to the page of where you left off.

The removable strap allows you to use this as a purse. You can hold or wear them by hand ensuring that the purse is always close to your body so that it won’t be lost or misplaced.

No matter what size, your pen will be securely fastened to your planner.

The slip-on belt adjusts perfectly to the width of your planner.

Lessen your waste by using the same planner sleeve every year! Just slide out the journal or planner and put fresh pages in its place. You can also insert a passport instead of a notebook.

The wide garters inside securely holds your mobile phone or other pocket sized items like a passport.

VEGAN-LEATHER: The cover or accents is made of water hyacinth plant leather, which is a good conversation starter! No animal was harmed in the process of manufacturing our products.

WATER RESISTANT: Our vegan leather is waterproof! Makes accidental spillage over your refill cover a bit more bearable since it won’t soak into the material. Just wipe it off with fabric.


1. Fauna Mahika Undated Planner Magic Wallet Purse

  • Sleeve (L16.5 x W12cm/ L6.50 x W4.73 in)
  • Planner Pages (L13.97 x 8.89 cm/L5.5 x W3.5 in)
  • Handmade water hyacinth vegan leather
  • Integrated Magic Wallet
  • 4 Exterior Card Holders
  • Secure horizontal garter system to hold paper bills
  • 3 Interior Card Holders
  • 1 ID Holder
  • Inner slit for papers
  • Zippered Coin Purse
  • Elastic Phone Case
  • Refillable Mini Planner
  • Undated Planner Monthly Overview (Weekly, Plain Notes Section, Dotted Notes Section)
  • 85gsm Cream Paper
  • Elastic Band Pen Holder
  • Built in Bookmark
  • Removable Wristlet
  • Slip on Belt Closure

2. Fauna Mahika Planner Pocket Size Refills

  • Monthly Overview
  • Weekly Overview
  • Plain Notes Section
  • Dotted Notes Section
  • 5.5x3.5"
  • Rich Cream Paper 80gsm


The cover may be damaged or scratched by sharp objects and edges.  Please store in a soft pouch or cover surfaces with cloth or thick paper when placing it into a packed bag. 

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