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Personal Shopper Service by Jacinto & Lirio

Jacinto & Lirio Personal Shopper Service


This Personal Shopper service makes giving gifts hassle-free! Choose a budget, tell us about the person/people you're going to give a gift to, and we'll curate your gifts for you. Done in a few steps!


Step 1: Choose a gift card with the corresponding price/budget you will be spending.


Step 2: Send us a message of the gift card you have chosen and a Profile or description of the person/s you want to give a gift to!


Step 3: Wait for our acknowledgement and we will arrange the following Jacinto & Lirio products based on the budget and profile/description given. *(We would be sending an image of the following products we have arranged and you still have the freedom to choose the following colors if you would like)


Step 4: If you like what we have chosen for you, you could check out the items by checking out the gift card choice you have chosen. NOTHING WILL BE PRICED MORE THAN the budget that was chosen! Happy Shopping!


Note: Choose OTHER LOGISTICS PROVIDER if you wish to have your order shipped via LALAMOVE OR GRAB. If Lalamove or Grab fee is more than Php350, it shall be shouldered by the buyer by paying it directly to the LALAMOVE or GRAB rider.