Fiesta Traveler's Notebook

The first ever ZIPPED traveler's notebook

Kaibigan ID Wallet

Going out for lunch? You don't need to bring your wallet anymore. Just insert your ATM and credit card in your Jacinto & Lirio ID holder with wallet integration. Includes slip on garter to secure your paper bills and zipped exterior pocket for coins.

Hello, Advocate!

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Alamat Dream Board Desk Planner

Visualize your dreams wherever you go


I loooooove J&L products and I'm glad I found this brand. I super love my Fauna Mahika Planner. It's the perfect organizer to carry around for a forgetful momma like me (lol). My only regret -- not finding about J&L sooner.

Wendy Lemeric

I bought a red Bucketlist Travel Wallet from you guys before I moved to Japan this year. It has been a wonderful companion for me since Day1 (when I still needed to carry my passport wherever I go). Also, the size is perfect for their large bills here! 😊

Christelle Joy

Very excellent quality! I bought this planner for myself and I love it! This planner is worth every peso and more! My friends, colleagues and employees asked where I bought it and I gladly referred them to Jacinto & Lirio. A very satisfied customer here! Thank you very much :)

*Bought Likhain Multifunctional Planner

Joanne Mae Dichosa

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