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SEED Program

Jacinto and Lirio has always been driven to improve and transform the lives of our partnered communities and their families by empowering them through meaningful work. We are looking for potential reseller partners who share the same sentiments with our mission and vision. We need proactive people who we can work together to fulfill our goal.

The Sales Engagement and Economic Development (SEED) is a reseller program that engages sales through reselling, and our products cater to economic development.

Let’s plant our SEEDs and grow together!


This is only applicable for the reselling of RETAIL ON HAND ITEMS. All certified partners can avail ready-made merchandise at margins/discounts, depending on the total order value. Here are our available reseller discounts: 

  • Order 15 pieces - 5% discount 
  • Order 25 pieces - 10% discount 
  • Order 40 pieces - 15% discount 

Engraving Price Schemes:

  • QTY. - Price
  • 1 - Php 450
  • 2 - Php 315 
  • 3 - Php 263
  • 4 - Php 237
  • 5 - Php 221 
  • 6 - Php 210
  • 7 - Php 203
  • 8 to 10 - Php 198
  • 11 t0 15 - Php 187
  • 17 and above - Php 178


- Reseller can choose assorted styles and may order here in our website. Discounts will automatically apply.
- Reseller will get FREE access to product info sheet, and product photos, videos, and promotional collaterals. 
- Reseller will get selling tips from Jacinto & Lirio through newsletters. 
- Reseller will get promoted on our social media pages.  

Are you ready to become a reseller after reading the guidelines? 

Submit your Reseller Registration Form thru this link:


Reseller Terms and Conditions

  1. Jacinto & Lirio will not be held liable for transactions made between the reseller and their buyers.
  2. Jacinto & Lirio will never contact the buyers of our resellers.
  3. All our products are shipped in good condition. Should there be any damage through shipping, Heraposh will not allow return and replacement.
  4. By reselling our products, you agree to abide with our shopping terms and conditions.