Eco friendly fully colored graphic placements.

We offer customized design imprint on water hyacinth planner and journal, as well as laser engraving, laser cut, embroidery and silkscreen.

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  • Laser cut on water hyacinth

  • Laser engraving and embroidery

  • Foil stamp

  • Emboss

Become a J&L Institutional Partner

Jacinto & Lirio is a unique and innovative brand that embodies the perfect blend of fashion and sustainability. Founded with a mission to promote eco-consciousness and support local communities in the Philippines, Jacinto & Lirio crafts exquisite products that not only make a style statement but also contribute to positive social and environmental impact.

At the heart of the brand's creations lies a deep appreciation for nature and its resources. Jacinto & Lirio draws inspiration from the resilient water hyacinth plant which are abundant in the Philippine wetlands. These materials are transformed into premium, eco-friendly leather alternatives, giving rise to a wide range of accessories and lifestyle products.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Jacinto & Lirio empowers local communities by providing fair employment opportunities and promoting traditional craftsmanship. Each product carries the story of skilled artisans who painstakingly handcraft every piece with love and dedication.

Let Jacinto & Lirio become your CSR Partner

Did you know that 71% of consumers prefer companies and brands that have aligned purpose and values? CSR programs are a good way to signal to them that your business cares not just for profit, but also for people and planet. 

Jacinto & Lirio offers a simple CSR partner program that enables you to not only have beautiful, custom branded merchandise and corporate giveaways, but also make meaningful social and environmental impact.

An annual pledge of 1% of your gross sales gets you:

  • Merchandise and giveaways  which can be used for your new hire kits and employee appreciation gifts, marketing promotional campaigns, PR Kits, Conference kits, client appreciation gifts and more*
  • Documented MOA signing for PR purposes
  • Recognition on our website and social channels as one of our J&L Earth Care Champion CSR partner
  • Employee Perks Program for your employees wherein they will receive an exclusive discount from our website. 
  • A half-day workshop, webinar, or speaking engagement on purpose and social impact
  • Annual impact report, so you can see how your pledge has contributed to our mission

*Merch can be published as worth SRP, but sold to client at bulk rates so that the value can look higher, but is still really equivalent to the pledge amount

Welcome to Jacinto & Lirio

We’re glad you’re here because we want to give you and your recipients the best experience possible

Imagine receiving a pen with the company’s logo printed on it. It’s nice and functional but you’re probably going to use it a few times and then forget about it. You’ve probably received something like this countless times before in different corporate events and conferences. To be frank, they’re so plain and boring! We know you’re here because you’re struggling to think of one of a kind corporate giveaway ideas that your recipients will definitely remember you by.

We know planning and thinking of thoughtful and unique giveaways can be quite stressful. Of course, you want to incorporate your brand to be professional but you also want your recipients to feel a little bit special. Jacinto & Lirio is here to ease your stress by giving you a wide variety of Philippine-inspired artisan giveaway ideas that will make your company stand out. Our products are multi-functional, handmade and eco-friendly.

We believe that giving your attendees or employees a nice gift is a way of telling them that the company cares. It’s important that they feel appreciated, so we offer products that are customizable to add a bit of a personal touch. We’ll take care of everything, from the product to the packaging, and even delivery. We’ll make sure that the level of care and attention that we give to the product is the same level of care you want to give to your employees and attendees.

How does our service work?

Our water hyacinth products + Your branding

Visit our mockups and we remove our Jacinto & Lirio branding then replace us with ours instead!

  • Scribblers' Holiday: Christmas Holiday Gift Set - Jacinto & Lirio

    Choose among our available water hyacinth products

    Our on hand products and virtual gift cards will have no MOQ.

  • Choose among our sample personalization options

    Our name and logo engraving will have no MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

    Click Here for Personalization 
  • Foil Stamp - Jacinto & Lirio

    Choose customization options

    Made to order and customized vegan leather goods vary by 50 - 100 MOQ.

    Click Here For Customization 
  • Choose packaging options

    Wooden Box, Card Board Boxes, Acrylic Boxes, Eco-bags and more with matching gift tags, ribbons and accents


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Why Pick Us

Our Company can transform a damaging aquatic plant into well-made products such as..

  • Office Desk Accessories

  • Travel Accessories

  • Artisan II Medium Dual Cover Refillable Vegan Leather Journal + 1pc Artisan II Mini Dual Cover Passport Holder and Refillable Journal Bundle - Jacinto & Lirio


  • Bags & Wallets

  • Home Living and other items

The Materials of the Damaging water hyacinth plant can also be used for

Employee Welcome Kit

Employee appreciation gift, employee vegan leather badge holders

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Consistency is Success: The Best Employee Gift

Celebrating Your Dedication – One Gift at a Time!

Employee Appreciation Kit

Your dedication shines as bright as your talent!

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Real Estate Turnover Kit

Welcome your clients to their new home and make them rememeber you even after the initial purchase with Eco-Friendly Turnover Kit contents like keychains for their keys, a folder to palce your contract and other property details, valet tray for their house trinkets, coasters, do not disturb sign and a planner.

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Fiesta Zippered Refillable Vegan Leather Notebook w/ Dateless Weekly Planner & Dotted Notebook New Normal Essentials Organizer – Std Size (Kadayawan) - Jacinto & Lirio

Eco Friendly Merchandise Co-Branding

We accept brand collaborations of customized designs for your brand merchandise

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Customized Office Desk Accessories

ID Holder + Checkbook Holder + Pencil Case + Desk Pen Holder + iPad Holder + Desk Accessories + Mouse Pad + Desk Pad + Desk Organizer + Wrist Rest

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Virtual Event Kit

Folders + Conference Bags + Journals + Executive planners + Certificate holder + Tumblers.

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