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Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit
Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit

Paints and Notes: Art Workshop Kit

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Looking for a sustainable, stylish, and chic Art Kits for a journalling/painting/art workshop?

Surprise your class with this perfect set in fulfilling artistic passion whenever and wherever. This set is specially curated with innovatively designed eco-friendly products perfect for accommodating all materials neat in just one spot. Perfect not only as a kit for artisans, but also as a fashion statement piece.

 1pc Fiesta Zippered Refillable Vegan Leather Traveler’s Notebook with Dateless Weekly Planner and Dotted Notebook –Standard Size

 1pc Burda Resizable Laptop Case Wraps or Envelope Clutch

◉ 1pc Guhit Vegan Leather Valet Tray Organizer Wallet Pencil Case, Glasses Case

Make it a little extra by giving them an additional Watercolor Paint and Paint Brushes to add to their collection of tools for creativity

Personalize it with a name or logo engravement for a more heartfelt appreciated kit!


* Gift set made-to-order product. Requires 50 pc minimum purchase. Request a quotation from J&L. *

** Refer to the hyperlinks above for individual purchase. Other products in gift set are not available for retail, only for made-to-order transactions. **


◉ 1pc Fiesta NB...

◉ 1pc Burda Wrap...

◉ 1pc. Guhit Case...


VEGAN-LEATHER: No animal was harmed.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our brand uses sustainably harvested hyacinths

WATER RESISTANT: It's waterproof! Wipe accidental spillage with fabric.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Jacinto & Lirio's mission is to better people's lives on both sides of the spectrum by creating well-designed, functional, & Philippine-inspired vegan leather items. 

NOTE: The water hyacinth has natural black/brown marks & wrinkles. Sometimes seen, sometimes none, randomly depending on hyacinth stalks.

1. Fiesta NB...

FLAT ELASTIC HOLDERS: Flat elastic straps that can be a bookmark. 

REFILLABLE: Easily change or add notebooks or planner inserts

EXTENDED FLAPS: Flip the extended flaps out on either side. One mesh net & another covered flap for pens & stationery materials.

8 SLOTS FOR CARDS: Store all your essential cards, clips, etc.


2 SETS OF DOTTED PAPER WITH PRE-PRINTED PAGE NUMBERS: Pre-printed dotted & page no. for daily/weekly/monthly logs & index guides

ZIPPERED ORGANIZER: We are the only brand w/ zippered traveler's notebook on the market that holds valuable items.

EXTERIOR GARTER: Attach trinkets/keychains for personal look.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Paint, draw, engrave

2. Burda Wrap...

RESIZABLE ENVELOPE: Folded in any way you want and as stylish or regular envelopes

ZIPPERED POCKET FOR GADGET CORDS: Outer zippered pocket is perfect for storing your laptop's cords and cables.

3. Guhit Case...

MULTI-PURPOSE POUCH: Handy organizer 

WALLET WITH SLANTED SLOTS FOR 6 CARDS: Segregate your bills & papers


PENCIL CASE WITH COMPARTMENTS: Securely hold four pens

DESK ORGANIZER: A perfect gift for a man who suits up

FOLDABLE: Keep things in one place w/o risk of losing


1. Fiesta NB...

  • Zipper hyacinth leather cover (L 12.1 x W 3.5 x H 26.3 cm / L 4.76 x W 1.38 x H 10.35 in)
  • 4 interior garter elastic bands
  • Flat elastic band to hold notebook open
  • Extendable flaps
  • Right flap: Mesh net as pencil/phone case/flap cover
  • Left flap:
  • Side A:
  • A. Upper slit extending to bottom for long small items
  • B. 8 slits for cards, clips, post-its, stickers
  • Side B:
  • A. Loose slot: brushes, pens, scissors, ruler
  • B. Loose mesh net: tapes, clips, stapler, paint tubes
  • 2 pc Dotted Notebook w/ Pre-Printed Pages No, Std Size (L 110 x W 210 cm/L 43.31 x W 82.67 in), 64 pp., Cream Paper, Saddle Stitch
  • 2 pc Dateless Weekly Planner w/ Pre-Printed Page No, Std Sized L 110 x W 210 cm, 64 pp., Cream Paper, Saddle Stitch
  • Attach trinkets on exterior band
  • Customize leather material by painting water color (Apply Daniel Smith transparent ground first) / acrylic paint (sealed w/ fixative after)

2. Burda Wrap...

  • 50cm/20in wrap can fit 24.4-33/10-13in laptops
  • Resizable tablet wraps w/ gadget cord pocket
  • Can also be used as a purse / envelop
  • Polyester body w/ hyacinth leather accent on flap & back zipper w/ suede lining

3. Guhit Case...

  • L17.78 x W17.78 cm/ L7.00 x W7.00 in
  • Eyewaer/phone case (soft suede material lining)
  • 6 slanted card holder wallet
  • Pencil case w/ 4 elastic band pen holder

Trinket Tray for:

  • Bedside stuff
  • Office table
  • Hallway candies
  • Accessories


Cover may be damaged by sharp/edgy items. Store in soft pouch/cover surfaces w/ cloth/paper when placing in bag.

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