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Jacinto & Lirio

Dual Cover Refillable Vegan Leather Journal (Artisan I)

Dual Cover Refillable Vegan Leather Journal (Artisan I)

Philippine Made Water Hyacinth Vegan Leather


Jacinto & Lirio's Artisan refillable journal is perfect for those searching for something different, bold and new. It features a reversible two-fold flap with a buckle, hand stitched spine accents and slits inside for cards, papers and money. It's the perfect cover for those looking for a professional but modern sleeve for their journals and papers. The pages are suitable for all mediums of writing, including calligraphy and watercolor.


  • L 15.87 x W 1.09 x H 20.95 cm / L 6.25 x W 0.43 x H 8.25 in
  • Lovingly handmade from water hyacinth vegan leather
  • Dual Cover
  • 3 card holders
  • 1 pocket slit for papers or money
  • Refillable notebook with 70 leaves of rich unruled cream paper (85gsm)
  • Outer pen holder


Package Contents

  • 1pc Artisan Journal Sleeve
  • 1pc Unruled Notebook

Care Instructions

Cover may be damaged or scratched by sharp objects and edges. Please store in a soft pouch or cover surfaces with cloth or thick paper when placing it into a packed bag.

NOTE: The water hyacinth has natural black/brown marks as well as wrinkles. Sometimes you will see this, sometimes none. It’s randomly seen depending on the stalks of the water hyacinth.

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We also offer full-service artisan gifting specializing in gift design for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and life’s special occasions. We can curate a mix of our handmade water hyacinth vegan leathergoods with non-water hyacinth items to combine into your preferred stylized gift set personalized with both name and logo.

Lastly, we also accept virtual gift cards for your digital corporate tokens.

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A journal or passport holder protects the notebook or passport from normal wear and tear. A passport holder helps you quickly identify the passport in your luggage or bag.


The Artisan’s covers feature a two-fold flap. Put the left flap over the right, or do it in reverse then you get a unique look to your journal every time to match your mood!


The antique buckle and strap give this journal a chic and classy look. The strap also serves as an adjustable pen holder for various pen sizes. A pen-holder on the side makes you ever-ready whenever you need to sign that all-important travel paper or write down that number.

Artisan II Mini Dual Cover Refillable Vegan Leather Journal - Jacinto & Lirio


The notebook is refillable and holds up to 70 leaves of blank crisp cream paper ready to be filled with your creative bursts of ideas.

Artisan II Medium Dual Cover Refillable Vegan Leather Journal with Gift Box Packaging Bundle - Jacinto & Lirio


It has 3 slits to hold your ID, ATM or business cards and another slit for paper currencies, boarding pass or other documents.

1pc Artisan II Dual Cover Refillable Vegan Leather Journal (Medium) + 2pcs Medium Refills Blank Notebook Journal Inserts Bundle - Jacinto & Lirio


Reuse this sleeve to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you prefer blank, ruled, dotted, or planners, you can easily replace the notebook inside with whatever your print preference is. Its refillable feature allows it to be a stylish journal and passport holder-in-one. It can hold your journal and receipts or it can be your passport holder, boarding pass, and cardholder for convenient and hassle-free traveling.


Our brand uses sustainably harvested vegan leather that helps in lessening the water hyacinths that are infesting bodies of water in different local communities The cover is made of water hyacinth plant leather, which is a good conversation starter! No animal was harmed in the process of manufacturing our products.

About Jacinto & Lirio

Jacinto & Lirio means "Hyacinth and Lily"

J&L serves as a viable environmental, social, and commercial solution for the water hyacinth infestation plaguing several communities in the Philippines.

Through the creation of functional, well-designed, Philippine-inspired plant leathergoods, enables us to help with the growth of affected communities' livelihood and extend their craft together with our designers' works to the popular market.

Water Hyacinth Leatherization Process

  • 1. Harvesting

    Use a boat to harvest Water hyacinth from an infested river

  • 2. Cut the leaves and roots

    Preparing for thorough cleaning of the stalks

  • 3. Clean the stalks

    Making sure insects and other debris are cleaned off the plant.

  • 4. Drying

    The stalks can be hanged, sun-dried or machine dried.

  • 5. Scrape the fibers

  • 6. Flattening

    The stalks are flattened using a flattening machine.

  • 7. Stick Stalks to fabric

  • 7. Ironing

    Fabric is ironed with the pasted fried flat sheet

  • 8. Anti mold

    Anti mold preventive coat is applied

  • 9. Protective top coat

    A protective top coat is applied after the anti-mold layer dries

  • 10. Sewing

    The plant leather sheet is then sewed to the fabric.