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DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set
DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set

DADDY-OH'S: Father's Day Gift Set

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Make him feel like the Best Dad in the world with these cool and stylish gift set specially prepared by Jacinto&Lirio.

1pc. Lakbay Travel Essentials Kit a multipurpose storage for their documents, bills, and coins with a garterized pen holder that adjusts to any pen size

1pc. Pitaka Pocket-size Credit Card Wallet with 22 Card Sleeves a sleek palm size wallet perfect for those who has more cards and rewards cards than paper bills.

Personalize it with a name engravement for a more heartfelt appreciated gift!

** This gift set is a made-to-order product. It requires a minimum purchase of 50 pcs. Please contact the Jacinto & Lirio team to request for a quotation. **

** To buy these items individually, please refer to the hyperlinked product texts above. Other products belonging in this gift set are not available for retail sale. It is only available for made-to-order transactions. **


◉ 1pc. Lakbay Travel Essentials Kit 

◉ 1pc. Pitaka Pocket-size Credit Card Wallet with 22 Card Sleeves


VEGAN-LEATHER: No animal was harmed in the process of manufacturing our products.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our brand uses sustainably harvested water hyacinths that are polluting bodies of water in different local communities.

WATER RESISTANT: Our vegan leather is waterproof! Simply wipe accidental spillage with cloth since it won’t soak into the material.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Through the creation of well-designed, functional, and Philippine-inspired vegan leather-goods, Jacinto & Lirio aims to improve the lives of people from both ends of the spectrum—the water hyacinth communities who are empowered through meaningful work, and the people purchasing who are enriched by the eco-friendly products. We aim to work within a collaborative business model for the purpose stated in the mission- social impact in livelihood, environmental protection and product innovation.

NOTE: The water hyacinth has natural black/brown marks as well as wrinkles. Sometimes you will see this, sometimes none. It’s randomly seen depending on the stalks of the water hyacinth.

1. Lakbay Travel Essentials Kit

A passport neck holder is the easiest and ideal way to carry your passport, boarding pass and other small and personal belongings such as credit cards, id cards, cash, etc. Attach our Obra vegan leather lanyard to convert this to a one carrying pouch to keep your hands free and carry all your stuff easily by hanging this from the neck.

MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE: No need to fuss around in your bag or wallet for that all-important travel document. It’s a holder for your passport and boarding pass with see through front pockets for easier vision and reach when these are needed.

ELASTIC BAND PEN HOLDER: Be it a thin pencil or a thick marker, the garterized pen-holder adjusts to any pen size comveniently placed at the exterior part of the travel kit for quick access when needed.

ZIPPERED POCKET: The Lakbay Travel Essentials Kit has a zippered pocket to hold your bills, coins so it’s easy to get your money when you need it.

BACK POCKET: It has a back pocket for additional storage of documents which you need for traveling like brochures and maps.

2. Pitaka Pocket-size Credit Card Wallet with 22 Card Sleeves

Perfect for the person who prefers going cashless, this card wallet can hold all your ATMs, IDs, and your membership cards! No need to worry about not being able to bring your discount card just when you suddenly need it. It holds 20 cards individually and 40 cards (back-to-back) in see-through sleeves so you can easily see and find whatever card you need.

SMALL POCKET SIZE WALLET: Great for anyone who doesn't like to carry a big wallet around. It is small but large capacity for your cards and cash. Plus, it’s a compact wallet you’ll have no problem fitting in your small purses.

ID BADGE OR PICTURE MESH WINDOWS: Display your frequently used ID badge or credit card without risking the color of the cards transferring to the material which often happens on plastic card holders

MONEY SIDE SLOT: No need to have a separate wallet for your paper bills.

GARTER CLOSURE: Gives the card wallet flexibility as it can expand and accommodate all your cards, bills and coins.


1. Lakbay Travel Essentials Kit

  • L13.00 x W0.40 x H23.1 cm/ L5.12 x W0.16 x H9.10 in
  • Lovingly handmade from water hyacinth vegan leather
  • Passport holder
  • Easy access boarding pass front pocket
  • Zippered pocket for paper bills, coins, receipts
  • Back pocket for documents, brochures, pieces of paper
  • D-ring accessory to attach lanyard

2. Pitaka Pocket-size Credit Card Wallet with 22 Card Sleeves

  • L 8.25 x W 1.90 x H 11.12 cm/ L 3.25 x W 0.34 x H 4.38 in
  • 20 plastic credit card inserts; can fit 40 credit cards (back-to-back)
  • 2 ID mesh windows
  • Garter closure
  • Money paper bills side slot
  • Lovingly handmade from water hyacinth plant leather


The cover may be damaged or scratched by sharp objects and edges.  Please store in a soft pouch or cover surfaces with cloth or thick paper when placing it into a packed bag.


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