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Jacinto & Lirio

Consumer Use Microfiber Kimono Protective Suit Cover Up - Washable & Water Resistant

Consumer Use Microfiber Kimono Protective Suit Cover Up - Washable & Water Resistant

Philippine Made Water Hyacinth Vegan Leather


This Philippines made casually-designed Kimono Cover Ups functions as a reusable PPE, perfect protection for going out for errands, groceries, work, or any other place with crowds.


  • Washable Micro fiber
  • High neck isolation gown
  • Shin length based on 5’6 height
  • Closures at the front
  • Free size
  • Water repellant
  • Can be sterilized via autoclave
  • Can be worn three ways: As an open robe, as a high-neck gown or as a V-neck gown
  • Water repellant, breathable and washable 
  • Gowns are free-size but can cover a wide range of sizes (pant size 25-40).
  • We can shorten or lengthen the length of robe to fit client height

Important Product notes:

  • Available on pre order.
  • Lead time of 10 days 
  • For reference the Model is 5’6″ with pants size 30
  • Microfiber cloth thickness may differ from color to color as they also come from different fabric suppliers. Rest assured all fabric colors are water repellent


Package Contents

Care Instructions

Cover may be damaged or scratched by sharp objects and edges. Please store in a soft pouch or cover surfaces with cloth or thick paper when placing it into a packed bag.

NOTE: The water hyacinth has natural black/brown marks as well as wrinkles. Sometimes you will see this, sometimes none. It’s randomly seen depending on the stalks of the water hyacinth.

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About Jacinto & Lirio

Jacinto & Lirio means "Hyacinth and Lily"

J&L serves as a viable environmental, social, and commercial solution for the water hyacinth infestation plaguing several communities in the Philippines.

Through the creation of functional, well-designed, Philippine-inspired plant leathergoods, enables us to help with the growth of affected communities' livelihood and extend their craft together with our designers' works to the popular market.

Water Hyacinth Leatherization Process

  • 1. Harvesting

    Use a boat to harvest Water hyacinth from an infested river

  • 2. Cut the leaves and roots

    Preparing for thorough cleaning of the stalks

  • 3. Clean the stalks

    Making sure insects and other debris are cleaned off the plant.

  • 4. Drying

    The stalks can be hanged, sun-dried or machine dried.

  • 5. Scrape the fibers

  • 6. Flattening

    The stalks are flattened using a flattening machine.

  • 7. Stick Stalks to fabric

  • 7. Ironing

    Fabric is ironed with the pasted fried flat sheet

  • 8. Anti mold

    Anti mold preventive coat is applied

  • 9. Protective top coat

    A protective top coat is applied after the anti-mold layer dries

  • 10. Sewing

    The plant leather sheet is then sewed to the fabric.