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Brand Ambassador Search


1. This search is open worldwide.

2. Participant must follow @jacintoandlirio on Instagram and Jacinto & Lirio on Facebook.
  • If participant is residing in the PH - also follow our Shopee and Lazada page.
  • If participant is living outside the PH - also follow our Amazon, Ebay, and ETSY page.
3. Participants must create an artwork based on the official prompt we released a few days ago.
pacem vegan leather journal notebook with lilykha official prompt and list written on the front page
4. Participants must post a photo of their artwork of the day, every day before 12PM.
  • If they missed a day, they can combine words in one artwork to catch up.
5. All participants must own a Jacinto & Lirio product to join the search (participants must integrate the products on their posts). 
  • Participants who do not have a J&L product yet may still join, but must give a proof of purchase of any J&L product before joining.
6. The photos must be uploaded publicly on Instagram with the hashtags #LilykhaWithJandL #DrawtoberWithJacintoandLirio and #Drawtober included in the caption.

7. Participant with the most likes overall (we will count all likes of all their brand ambassador search posts) will be Jacinto & Lirio’s chosen Brand Ambassador.

8. Search runs from October 12 to October 18, 2020.



1. Jacinto & Lirio products as a welcoming gift.

2. 1 year contract of being the highlight of Jacinto & Lirio’s local and International campaigns.

3. Commissions up to 7% for every purchase of a Jacinto & Lirio product.