Why self-care is not selfish.

Why self-care is not selfish.

by Rosielyn Calugas

Let’s face it, 2020 has not been kind to any of us, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be kind to ourselves. Everyone has gone through one of the hardest adjustments in their lives: online classes, unemployment, death of a loved one, and separation anxiety. 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by what was happened this year, but you have to remind yourself that you have to keep going. You have to take care of yourself and to push yourself to aim higher, and be better — and what better way to show yourself some love than by giving a lot of love with some self-care.  

Today we’ll be sharing with you 7 ways you can take care of yourself in 7 days to help you keep going. 

Ever heard of Law of Attraction? This is the belief that our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies. Which means if you give out negative energies it will attract negative effects to you. Meanwhile when you give out positive energies, it will attract positive effects to you. Which is why for Day 1 we invite you to WRITE. Write down your personal mantra and display it somewhere you see most of the time every day. The Alamat Vision Board is one of the best places you can display your mantra to get those positive energy flowing in!  Visualize your dreams wherever you go. This desk planner allows you to see your vision board regularly as you plot down your daily plans and activities.

writing using our planner to relieve stress and express our passions dreams

"Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them! “-Jack Canfield

It’s almost the holiday season! Which means its that time of the year where you get to give your family and friends gifts that can be sentimental to them. It’s ALMOST that time of the year — but not yet. On your second day of this self-care journey with us, we’re encouraging you to SHOP! Shop for yourself! Take care of yourself by going skincare shopping! List down products you want to try to up your skincare game, but pack light so you can really go through the aisles of skincare heaven. Bring something like the Lakbay Traveler’s Wallet! A perfect companion for your shopping day! This Lakbay Traveler’s Wallet will fit your cards or cash along with your skincare product list. 

on the go essentials lakbay bag for shopping to carry phone paper money pens passport

What is art? How many times were you asked that question? We’d say a lot of times. Most times art is a form of expression. Art is one way people express all their emotions without having to utter a single word! On your third day of your self-care journey, why don’t you try and expressing your thoughts through art? Calligraphy, painting, drawing, and journaling are just some ways you can really let yourself be free. Release all those negative energy, those worries in your head, and the constant questions you keep asking yourself that only brings you down. De-stress by expressing! Check out this Fiesta Traveler’s Notebook that can store all your art materials in one hand! With its multiple pockets, there’s no limiting you in the art materials you can use to de-stress. 


create drawings painting scribbles using our refillable planner

Reading for just 6 minutes a day can reduce stress levels by a significant  percentage. (Well, except when your professor asks to you read a case study 18 pages long or when your boss hands you over a report with the same length. Kidding.) Which is why on your third day of this journey, we encourage you to pick up your favorite book, step away from your work table or set-up, and just read. Escape reality if you need to for a while. You can focus on reading books that takes your imagination someplace else or you can also try reading self help books that helps you enhance your lifestyle choices. It’s important to take care of yourself, just like how it’s important to take care of  the books you love. Give them a cozy home with the Artisan Dual Cover Notebook - the elastic bands inside the Artisan allows you to easily switch out your notebook into your favorite book for some alone time. 


read stimulates our mind you can use our planner by detaching its refill and use the planner cover as a book cover to keep your book neat

Now this is a self-care tip you’ve never heard of before. Design your face mask with something personal and sentimental! Anyone who has ever worn a face mask can relate to the problem of feeling restricted. Face masks are not the comfiest thing right now but we have to wear them. It’s a part of our everyday outfit now. It doesn’t mean however that you have to feel restricted. Check out these cotton face masks that you can design with your own style to bring color and personality to your face mask! Feel more motivated to wear your face masks outdoors and protect yourself from the virus. If that doesn’t scream self-care, we don’t know what else will. ;)  

design face masks to explore creativity

On the 6th day of your self-care journey we’re inviting you to watch your favorite show! BINGE watch it! You’ve been working so hard on work or school and you deserve to show some love to yourself. Sometimes binge-watching can also be stressful when your device keeps heating up. That can be a buzzkill sometimes because you can’t help but be bothered by it. Good thing these iPad covers from Jacinto & Lirio are heat reflective. Now you can watch your favorite shows without worrying about your device! Sounds like a great self-care plan to me!

watch your favorites Netflix Hulu Amazon Apple TV shows to release stress and anxiety of the new normal

Last but not the least, we’re encouraging you to make. Make your own Self-Care Kit using the Burda Wrap/Envelope Clutch. Making a kit like this will prepare you as you start working productively again. Now that’s you taken this 7-day self-care journey, you are much more aware on how good you should feel about yourself despite the stress and uncertainty you’ve been experiencing. As you go back to your regular schedule, this Self-Care Kit will remind you that you will only do good when you feel good. Never take yourself for granted and continue taking care of yourself on the next succeeding days. If ever you’ll need an emergency self-care kit along the way, now you’ll know where you can place it. 

make burda

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