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To Gift is To Lift: Gift Giving as an Expression of Care for Others

Written by: Geeneva Hernandez

We live in an environment that is never normal, with things constantly changing and being triggered. It could be personal or family matters, work-related, pandemic, or maybe life in general, but there is no doubt that we all experience stress, which is normal. If someone you know is feeling down, a gift may be necessary to brighten their day. Whether you're looking out for a friend, family member, colleague, or someone you care about, and for whatever reason it may be - we've prepared a list of the great J&L thoughtful gifts.

Keep reading to learn about gift ideas from Jacinto & Lirio, your home for eco-iconic multi-functional leather goods sustainably made from water hyacinth.


Spend time with yourself with our 'Artisan II Dual Cover Journal.' It comes in Mini and Medium version sizes, which makes it convenient to bring anywhere and use anytime. It features a (1) reversible two-fold flap with a buckle, (2) hand-stitched spine accents, and (3) slits inside for cards, papers, and money.

Gift someone you know with this journal who wants to keep it old school. Its stylish design and multi-functional features will surely inspire them to write.


Let's face it: Getting preoccupied with many things could result in unhealthy habits. But not anymore with our 'Laro Customizable Planner.'  It is carefully burnt and etched on water hyacinth vegan leather. Aside from the design, this planner has value-added features which are customizable to meet your lifestyle.

If you want to make a meaningful gift for someone who is always on the go, this is an excellent pick that combines both functionality and beauty as it allows the recipient to personalize it in their style and truly make it their own.


Keeping track of your daily tasks & activities can be overwhelming. But, our ‘Alamat Dream Board’ can help you create a place to keep track of your plans or projects and display notes as well.

If you're looking for a gift that will help your loved ones visualize, this 'Alamat Dream Board' is the perfect present because it can be customized to meet what you need to accomplish.


Expect a more organized and aesthetic workstation or gaming setup with our 'WFH Desk Mat.' It has a faux leather cover that keeps your essential files dry and protects the surface of your desk items from stains and spills.

Help someone's workload by organizing their work-from-home setup with this gift that covers an entire desk and has pockets for other stuff.


Jacinto & Lirio Safety Set is a Philippine Made Quarantine Bundle that comprises Bucketlist Checkbook Wallet Clutch, Human Nature Hand Sanitizer (50 ml), and Reusable Denim Mask.

So, if you're in search of the ideal safety essentials kit to keep someone you love healthy and productive, then Jacinto and Lirio have you covered!

Look, there is no bad timing when treating people you care about. And, if you're looking for an eco-chic gift, check us out at Jacinto & Lirio’s official website to see our wide selection of products that will surely brighten someone else's day! After all, we want them to be delighted with our thoughtful gifts, don't we?

Now, are you ready for the sustainable gift-giving journey with us?

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