Mother’s Day Gifts for Women in Different Professions

Mother’s Day Gifts for Women in Different Professions

by Gabriel Esteban

We sometimes forget to send our appreciation and love for our mother's who tirelessly do so much for us. Such empowered women like them should receive all the recognition and praise they deserve. It's a good thing Mother's day comes along for this sole purpose. One of the best ways to shower our mothers with our appreciation is through giving them gifts. I will showcase different moms from different professions, to give you an idea which product will be the most suitable for your mom.

Teresita Mariposa, CPA - Financial Advisor

A desk containing notebooks, planners, boards and pouch

Terrie Mariposa's story as a professional and as a mother is really one to look up to. Its the perfect example of the extent of what kinds of sacrifice our mothers are willing to do for us. Terrie gave up climbing the corporate ladder so that she could have extra time to bond with her children. What's even more impressive is that she is also an entrepreneur.

"J&L offers a variety of sustainable yet practical products for me to give out to people attending financial seminars. The vegan journals would be able to help them log all of their expenses in and the vision boards is the perfect product for them to be able to schedule and plot out all of their personal finance needs. J&L even allows me to mix and match their products and order custom engraved boxes for me to distribute them nicely."     

- Terrie Mariposa, CPA

Featured items:

Pacem II Med. (Brown)
Pacem II Mini (Brown)
Alamat - (Brown)
Guhit Valet Tray (Brown)


Architect Angel

An architects workplace, full of notebooks, an ipad and sketches

Architect Angel's story shows how hardworking a mother can be for her family. She used to leave the house with her son still asleep, and would arrive home from work to the same scene, her son tucked in bed already asleep. Because of the current home from work set up, she has been able to spend more time with her son.

"J&L focuses on sustainably farmed materials made into the perfect gifts and personalized items for you. Sakto sa mga hardworking Archi Mommies dyan like me!"

- Architect Angel

Featured items:

Pacem II Mini - Forest Green
Silver Notebook
Bronze notebook


Dra. Percy Villanueva

A wallet storing different essential objects for a doctor on top of a table

Let's give it up for everyone who's mothers are in the medical field, this is the perfect time to show your appreciation by doing something special for her. Dra. Percy's story shows the perseverance a mother has. Its obviously so busy being a working doctor. On top of that she is a mom of three. Through her efforts though, she was able to balance her work and personal life and she was able make time for her children.

"I am a very proud mother and I consider my kids as my treasures and I love them so much."

- Dra. Percy Villanueva

Featured items:

Safety Set
Bucketlist (Carrot)
Denim Mask


Marlyn Henning - nurse (OFW)

A female OFW who is video calling with her family while doing papers

Marlyn Henning is an OFW nurse and mother. Her story is tough and shows the risk a mother would take in order to be closer with her child and the risks she took for her child to live a more comfortable life. Their story showcases how a mother would take any opportunity for the betterment of her child and her child's future.

"My mother took ten years to afford our first trip home, after that initial flight in 1991 took us further away from the Philippines in ways we never expected. She spent years apart from her parents, her siblings, and her own daughter, missing countless milestones in their lives."

-Angeli Gabriel (Marlyn's daughter)

Featured items:

Pitaka Pocket-sized Credit Card Wallet (Gold/silver)
Fiesta Vegan Traveler's Notebook (Panagbenga)
Cotton Canvass Mask - (Pink)
Detachable Faceshield Cap (Navy)
Pacem Mini Vegan Journal (Brown)
Bucketlist (Red)


Issa Reyes - Professional Home Organizer, Published Author, Konmari consultant-in-training

A on the go storage pouch lay out on the table storing different materials at home such as watches, earphones, coins and more

Issa's story is full of lessons of balance, proper upbringing, and empowerment. Having so much experiences as a woman and mother helped her be such a role model to her children.

"Identifying my season also allows me to spend my days more meaningfully, knowing that the things I do are aligned with my season, rather than spreading myself too thinly on activities that don’t support my priorities as a homemaker, entrepreneur, and wife and mother."

-Issa Reyes

Featured Item:

Guhit Organizer (Wine Red)
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