Client Appreciation with Personalized Gifts

How to Show Client Appreciation with Personalized Gifts?

As a business, it’s important to show gratitude for those who are there for you. Personalized gifts work wonders for expressing appreciation to devoted customers and esteemed clients alike. No matter your industry, we’re sure that our personalized corporate gifting program will no doubt catch your eye.

Personalized gifts give a more unique flair to show your clients that you truly appreciate them and have taken time to consider gifts that they would enjoy. You can cater client appreciation gifts to your industry. Here are a few examples of how you can tailor gifts to your industry clients:

If you have a coffee shop and want to show appreciation to your most loyal customer, why not give them a coffee coaster and a planner or notebook they can use while they’re sitting in your coffee shop? Most people come to coffee shops for the quiet, productive atmosphere, and a planner would be a perfect way to thank them for their trust and loyalty.

You can also curate a special gift box for your clients. Are you a real estate agent who just signed a successful sale with a client? You could send them a box of things they need in their new home. A gift box with a scented candle and matching mug sets or an organizer tray they can place on their entryway table would mark a wonderful start in a new home. 

Sending personalized gifts to your business clients will make a lasting impression and help you stand out. It’s important to make a mark, and with well thought out gifts, you definitely will.

We at Jacinto & Lirio pride ourselves in creating eco-friendly, multi-functional yet stylish pieces sustainably made from water hyacinth. By utilizing our personalized corporate gifting program, your show of appreciation for your clients will also show your love for the environment.

Here’s how you can send gifts with Jacinto & Lirio:

1. Personalized Gift Service

For sophisticated personalized presents for client appreciation, employee appreciation, or any type of corporate gifting, please contact us and inquire about our personalized corporate gift service. We ensure a low minimum order quantity for personalized corporate gifts.

2. Curated Gift Sets

We also offer curated gift sets that we can adapt to the theme of your gift, mixing our leather goods with non leather goods items. You may order on our website or contact us for special orders. These are perfect for special occasions or for gifting to loyal clients. 

3. Retail Collection

Our retail products are available at our online store for quick gifting that still retains an artisan flair, with no minimum order quantity.

To contact us, feel free to send an email at

For bulk customized corporate giveaways, email your requirements to

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