Top Thoughtful Gifts for Father's Day at Your Workplace

Top Thoughtful Gifts for Father's Day at Your Workplace

As a business owner, you likely have many dedicated fathers working within your company. They juggle both professional responsibilities and family commitments with a lot of heart and dedication. As Father’s Day approaches, it's a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for their hard work and support with a thoughtful gift. 

Need help finding that perfect gift? Look no further! At Jacinto & Lirio, we specialize in corporate gifting, making us your go-to for these kinds of special events.. Discover our special handpicked assortment of business and HR gifts:



Ideal for keeping work-related notes and files or planning family vacations, this planner features a built-in corkboard for posting family photos, a handle for portability, and is made from water hyacinth plant leather.



Say goodbye to lost cards and IDs with our Pitaka wallet. Keep all your important business cards, discount cards, ID cards, and more in one secure place. Available in various colors and, of course, customizable specifically for Father’s Day!


Fiesta Travel Planner

Every dad needs a vacation from work, so here’s something they can bring along! Store all your unforgettable memories, important notes, and more in our Fiesta Travel Planner. It’s sleek, secure, and spacious with tons of pockets.



We’re not done with travel essentials just yet! You need a place for your passport and pocket money for your travels. Our Lakbay wallet is just the product you need. Gather all of your children’s passports in one place so you can enjoy the stress-free vacation you deserve!


WFH Desk Mat

And lastly, for the WFH/Hybrid set-up dads, this desk mat has everything you could ask for! Keep everything organized with pockets for papers, pens, and cards. The entire mat fits your work setup, from your laptop to your mouse, so your space won’t feel cluttered. And, like all products at Jacinto & Lirio, it is customizable and sustainable!

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