Be Ready To Take On 2022 With Your Sleek, Stylish, And Sustainable Planners From Jacinto & Lirio!

Be Ready To Take On 2022 With Your Sleek, Stylish, And Sustainable Planners From Jacinto & Lirio!

written by Gracee Bongolan on Friday, December 3, 2021. Find the original article here.



There is always a story to tell everyday and Jacinto & Lirio wants to immortalize your wonderful events this coming 2022 with their Alamat, Ati-Atihan, and Bucketlist with Fiesta refill planners.
Depicting attractive Philippine fruit myth designs on water hyacinth plant leather, this versatile and customizable desk board planner has a built-in cork board to pin your notes, a magnetic clipboard to keep any document firmly in place, refillable dateless monthly sheets, magnetic clipboard, and several elastic and garter holders for extra pens and documents. These functions make the Alamat planners not only culturally aesthetic, but sustainably efficient as well. Having this as a new addition to your WFH desk setup or online class necessities will definitely keep your workload easier with a planner and organizer within your reach. In case face to face offices or universities open this 2022, don’t worry for Alamat vision board has handles on its covers, making it portable and convenient for you who will soon be on-the-go. 
If you’re a busybody, the Ati-Atihan--refillable vegan leather traveler's notebook planner with zipper is perfect for you! Its extended flaps can store your pens and mini-stationary while its organizer secures your phone and mobile cords. It also has a flat elastic holder that can mark your latest journal entry from the two sets of dateless weekly inserts or the other two sets of dotted sheets. You can also stash your cards here and personalize it by painting on the canvas or adding some keychains on the exterior garter to your liking. This planner has got you covered from journaling to taking your necessities with you! Bravely face your 2022 duties with J&L’s Ati-Atihan!
Have you been holding back your wanderlust these past two years? Well, Jacinto & Lirio is more than ready to aid you in your travels or even in your daily whereabouts with the Bucketlist with Fiesta refill planners! These planners are also a travel/checkbook wallet that will not only hold your dotted or weekly planner sheets, but your passport as well. The sim card holders, card slots, and paper bill slits help you keep your items from getting mixed with your cash, and the extra pockets are handy when it comes to getting your important notes or documents in an instant.  This planner is spacious enough to keep your coins, phone, or even your power bank! It also has a retractable wristlet which keeps your essentials secure and close to you from morning to night. This is truly a great travel bestie!

Be ready to take on 2022 with your sleek, stylish, and sustainable planners from Jacinto & Lirio!
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