10 Eco-friendly Business in the Philippines

10 Eco-friendly Business in the Philippines

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Being a mindful consumer should be included in our 2020 New Year’s Resolution. The year 2019 has been quite challenging because of various natural calamities that have happened all over the country. Typhoons and earthquakes are just two of the most common natural disasters that affected the country. Primarily due to climate change, our planet has been deteriorating rapidly. 

Young environmental activist Greta Thunberg has called out the people to give attention to our surroundings. She once said, “The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have the facts and solutions. All we have to do is to wake up and change.”

It is not yet too late. A small step goes a long way. We can start within ourselves in our home by switching and supporting eco-friendly products. Good thing, some entrepreneurs have stepped their way on saving the planet by starting their environmentally-friendly business and offering organic and sustainable products, which do not only help Mother Earth but also protect the consumers from harmful chemicals and ingredients. 

Here are the 10 eco-friendly businesses in the Philippines:
Bam Bike Philippines

1. Bambike

Have you ever heard of bikes made from bamboos? Bambike changes the games in decreasing one’s ecological footprint. Bambike is a socio-ecological enterprise based in the Philippines. This project was initiated by Bambike founder Bryan Benitez McClelland in 2007. It has provided sustainable livelihoods for the residents of Gawad Kalinga (GK), a Philippine-based community development organization in Victoria, Tarlac. The clean, sleek look bikes are handmade and used with world-class local raw materials. This business aims to develop the greenest product to grow a green economy while creating a sustainable livelihood for the people who need it the most. 


Kawayan Philippines

2. Kawayan PH

They say time is the best gift you could ever give to someone. What great way to remind your special someone, be it your parents, siblings, or the love of your life, that you’ve always got time for them. You can express your love through this 100% of wood made watches. These are exclusively offered KawayanPH, a Philippine-brand providing eco-friendly bamboo watches. It comes in different shapes, colors, and styles that fit in every personality. These watches are locally made from bamboos, which is a sustainable and biodegradable material that grows abundantly in the Philippines. 


Jacinto and Lirio Philippines

3. Jacinto and Lirio

Hyacinth and Lily, when translated, offers fashionable and functional statement bags and accessories through sustainable means. They create well-designed, functional, and Philippine-inspired plan leather goods. Water hyacinth is abundant in the Philippines and is considered a pest in society. However, Jacinto and Lirio turn this plant into something of value. Apart from providing sustainable livelihood to communities, they make sure they protect the environment through product innovation. Their products are intricately handcrafted plan leather goods that are multifunctional and stylish perfect for every professional. Their products include planners, wallets, notebooks, ID holder, and others. Jacinto and Lirio is a brand by EcoIngenuity Inc.


4. Bazura Bags

Fashion statements do not have to be expensive. With the high volume of plastics dumped on landfills, a women’s cooperative in the Philippines handcraft high-quality bags and accessories out from discarded juice containers. The company’s commitment to giving garbage a new life paved the way for the women to earn an income. Children from local schools collect approximately 50,000 drink or juice containers and sell them to the co-op to be transformed into bags. There is so much to choose from the designs of the pockets like a shopping bag, lunch bag, pencil case, and a purse. Aside from saving and protecting the planet from the harmful effects of plastics, Bazura also limits the chances of plastics being disregarded on the streets and eliminates the need to use plastic bags when shopping. 

 Fluffy Pwets Philippines

Image source: Fluffy Pwets FB page

5. Fluffy Pwets

Diapers are a necessity for every baby. However, most diapers are non-biodegradable, made of plastics, and laminated materials. The constant wearing of diapers can also harm your babies. It is a smart choice if you resort to cloth diapers that are made with organic, breathable, and hypoallergenic cotton materials. Be one of the “greener mom” as you switch and commit to using cloth diapers. Fluffy Pwets conceptualized this idea in 2013. The goal was to develop a cloth diaper that doesn’t contain laminated fabric so that it’s more breathable. Choosing cloth diapers can save you economically, and at the same time, saving the environment for your child’s generation.


Echo Store Philippines

Image source: ECHOStore

6. ECHOstore

ECHO stands for cares for the Environment, helps the Community, promotes Health, and works with Organizations. As the name implies, it is a sustainable lifestyle that started way back in 2008 by three empowered women who wanted to offer eco-friendly and natural products to sustain a lifestyle that cares for the environment. They have a wide range of products like body care, home care, fashion, and gifts. They now have expanded their business to ECHOcafe, ECHOmarket, and ECHOdeli. ECHOcafe serves organic coffee, while ECHOmarket shares recipes to the customers and goods for DIY at home. ECHOdeli is a take away counter for people who need to take out healthy meals or snacks. 


Things That Matter Philippines

Image source: Things That Matter PH

7. Things That Matter PH

Things That Matter started as Rags2Riches—now its flagship brand is a marketplace that supports artisan communities, celebrate culture and tradition, empower women and minorities, and uphold sustainable living. They partner with local artisans across the country to create eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled, overstock cloth, and indigenous fabrics. Guided by their value to create a positive impact and intentional lifestyle, they curate products where style and sustainability coexist. 

8. Sustainably Made

Another common natural resource abundant in the country is mahogany. Like bamboos and coconut trees, mahogany is also practical, useful, and fashionable. Sustainably Made offers wooden products made from the trees grown in a sustainable tree farm in Pangasinan. From its branches, trunks, stumps, and roots, these can be made into flooring fixtures and furniture. These are crafted, sanded, and finished by local farm workers employed from around the sustainable tree farm community. The products are made from natural materials. For-food products like bowls and serving boards are finished with extra virgin olive oil and beeswax. On the other hand, Not-For-Food products like mobile phones and tablet stands are finished with tung oil and beeswax.

9. Cocoon Boutique Hotel

Reward and take the rest that you deserve without feeling guilty about your carbon footprints. A staycation may not be as wasteful as you may think. Located at the heart of Quezon City, Cocoon Boutique Hotel prides itself on a green luxury and pleasurable serenity. You may enjoy a natural ambiance enhanced by the upcycled furniture and repurposed wood that decorated the hotel. It strives to provide ultimate comfort to the guests with the least impact on Earth and its ecosystem. This hotel will let you realize that indulging something for yourself, not at the expense of the environment, can be made possible. 

10. Leyende

Leyende, an emerging Filipino brand, is a Spanish word that means “legend” or “story.” It offers handmade, natural, and organic bath and body products following eco-friendly, artisanal principles. Leyende reflected the literary background of the founder and named its products after the characters and titles of different stories from the music, books, films, and plays. It has been in the industry since 2000, and it ensures that the customers will have products developed from high quality natural and organic materials and no harmful chemicals like sulfates, petroleum, GMOs, or human or animal by-products. 


There are two things that these eco-friendly businesses share in common. One is the goal of protecting the Earth as much as possible. And the other thing is to provide a sustainable livelihood for the Filipinos. It is humbling to know that these businesses do not only think of high returns but also providing opportunities to those who are in need. Mother Earth needs our utmost attention, and various courses of action need to be done to save her. It is undoubtedly a win-win situation that you are doing the things that you love the most while earning from it and, at the same time, protecting the planet from further potential harms that we humans may cause. Since consumers are now more aware of how other products in the market affect the earth, they are more than willing to purchase green brands to support sustainability. It is now our time to adopt a greener lifestyle and commit to saving Mother Earth.

Since the Philippines has a booming economy, you may start your own business in the country with the same vision from the aforementioned eco-friendly businesses. You may refer to this list of possible ideas that you might want to venture for the next year. There are several ways on how to find funds your business, so you don’t have an excuse anymore for taking a step back on making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. You can also opt-out for franchising if you want to start your business a little bit easier than those businesses that start from scratch. Visit the Franchise Market Philippines website for more information. 


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