Top 3 Essentials for the New Normal

Top 3 Essentials for the New Normal

As the new normal dawns upon us, we must be ready for anything that it might bring. Masks, PPEs, face shields, and gloves are all important to keep us and our loved ones safe during these trying times, but worry not, as you can still be safe and stylish all the same time. So gather up and limber down for essentials brought to you by Jacinto and Lirio. Itching to give a loved one a set will surely keep them safe and healthy? J&L has you covered! The New Normal Gift set comes with a coverall suit to protect your arms and legs from intrusive elements, it also comes with a standard face mask that passed health qualifications, a Human Nature hand sanitizer (that smells like citrus!) to keep germs and bacteria away, and a lanyard so you can clip on and wear your quarantine passes.

All materials from this set are made from love; cruelty-free and guilt-free. The suit is made from microfiber and is water-resistant, suitable for our friends who are going out and about. The face mask is washable and reusable as it is made from denim or canvas cloth. These fabrics were found to be effective to keep microbes out and still be able to breathe. Human Nature’s all-natural, triclosan-free hand sanitizer is proven to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria that may be on your hands (yikes!). Don’t worry about drying out your skin because HN’s formula has Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and amino acids to keep your hands soft and pretty. Jacinto & Lirio’s Obra ID Lanyard is made from all cruelty-free and vegan materials. Made from faux leather with accents of vegan leather, this accessory will complement your New Normal ensemble.

Need it to be more personal? The Essentials Set by J&L is for you. The set includes a washable denim mask with 3-layer protection, the Lakbay Essentials kit (includes a neck pouch, an elastic pen holder, and multi-purpose storage), the Silver Bullet Journal Inserts, and an Obra ID Lanyard. Name it and make it yours! This set can be personalized, just specify the name and the font when putting in your order.

The Lakbay Essentials kit is made from vegan products and faux leather, no more guilt! The neck pouch makes sure that you’ll be leaving the house with all of your IDs, cards, keys, and phone. You won’t have to fumble for your things anymore. Stay safe while working with The Work Protection Set. This set comes with a Polypropylene Isolation Scrub Suit, the J&L Kaibigan II Badge Holder - Commute Wallet, a 50ml Human Nature 50ml Hand Sanitizer, and a 3-ply denim mask. Take an extra precaution with the Polypropylene Isolation Scrub Suit, made from the same materials of a standard surgical face mask. The J&L Kaibigan II Badge Holder and Commute Wallet protects you from losing your IDs, cards, and cash. You don’t want to be caught somewhere without these! The HN hand sanitizer is an all-natural, non-drying formula, designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs. All of these products are made by Filipinos for Filipinos; they are durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Tatak Pinoy!

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