Check Out the Planners and Journals You’d Want to Cop from Jacinto & Lirio for 2021

Check Out the Planners and Journals You’d Want to Cop from Jacinto & Lirio for 2021

Written by ClickTheCity on November 9, 2020, 4:25 PM. 

JACINTO & LIRIO (meaning “Hyacinth” and “Lily”) is a social enterprise that transforms a “pest” into eco-iconic and multi-functional leathergoods sustainably made from water hyacinth, with a mission to empower affected families by the water hyacinth infestation problem through livelihood generation. 

The Water Hyacinth has severely infested Philippine waters ever since. It can reduce light and oxygen, change water chemistry, affect local flora and fauna, cause problems in marine transportation, fishing, irrigation, floods, and increased pollution. Here in Jacinto & Lirio however, we transformed the water hyacinth problem into the perfect opportunity to help the planet and its people. 

We recognized the need to strengthen the sustainability of community livelihoods using indigenous materials, which is a major source of income in various areas in Asia. This is why for every purchase of Jacinto & Lirio, we contribute to the community development of our partners so they can keep transforming their families, and their communities for the better. 

Jacinto & Lirio provides beautifully handcrafted plant leather goods which are impressively multi-functional yet stylish conversational pieces with a lifestyle appeal for professionals and companies who want to create a strong patriotic, environmental and socio-ethical statement. We make INDIGENOUS LOOK SEXY. 

It is a brand that stands for “Stylishness, Sustainability, and Empowerment” 


Jacinto & Lirio's products are the beautiful and matchless result of a harmonious relationship between man and his environment—between people and water hyacinths. An eco-ethical Jacinto & Lirio product is more than just a statement of style—with Jacinto & Lirio, you hold the story of a community in your hand. With strikingly chic and functional Jacinto & Lirio plant leather goods, you can wear your nationalism proudly. We offer a series of product lines from New Normal Essentials, Bags & Wallets, Bundles & Gifts, Gadget Accessories, Journals & Planners, Lanyards, Passport Sleeves, to Travel Accessories. Handmade by our community partners to perfection using vegan leather.

Wide Array of Journals and Planners

Jacinto & Lirio has been creating journals and planners for professionals who want to support local products using sustainable materials. Here are some of our best-selling products. 


Jacinto & Lirio’s Artisan Traveler’s Journal's unique cover design is perfect for those searching for something different, bold, and new. It features a reversible two-fold flap with a buckle, hand-stitched spine accents, and slits inside for cards, papers, and money. It’s the perfect cover for those looking for a professional but modern sleeve for their journals and papers. The pages are suitable for all mediums of writing, including calligraphy and watercolor. 


It is the first ever zippered traveler’s notebook especially built to accommodate and organize all your new normal necessities. There are multiple pockets for items that will help you stay productive despite the new normal changes we’re all experiencing. Most importantly, this traveler’s notebook is perfect for those on the go because it allows you to carry a lot of your things in one hand. It’s lightweight and easy to bring which makes your life a lot less stressful. Item contains 2 sets of weekly planner notebook inserts with pre-printed page numbers and 2 sets of dotted paper with pre-printed page numbers. 


The Alamat Vision Board is the holy grail of productive professionals that wants to bring a conversation piece with them in public. It’s the ultimate planner for everyone who has busy schedules all day every day as it makes it easy for them to regularly plot down their daily plans and activities. It has a built-in corkboard where they can pin their notes, cut-outs, pictures, quotes, and other materials for that visual inspiration, a magnetic clipboard flap that will keep any document firmly in place wrinkle-free, a garter holder for when they need to carry more than 20 sheets of paper, and a desk board planner with a refillable dateless monthly planner.  

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