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Jacinto & Lirio

Fauna Mahika Undated Planner Magic Wallet Purse

Fauna Mahika Undated Planner Magic Wallet Purse

Philippine Made Water Hyacinth Vegan Leather


Meet the Fauna Vegan Leather Planner with holders for office essentials like business cards and a pen in case of appointments with clients, a cleverly hidden magic wallet to store money for last-minute coffee runs, a pocket for your mobile phone, and an undated planner with additional pages for lists and notes, all bundled in the perfect size to fit inside a dainty purse or small enough to fit the palm of your hand. This Fauna collection features 4 endangered Philippine animals with the goal of spreading awareness of animal protection.

The Fauna Planner features several variations:

  • Butanding or whale sharks
  • Haribon or the Philippine Eagle
  • Midnight Black
  • Tamaraw or the Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo
  • Pawikan or sea turtles
  • Rose Gold