Where To Shop For 2021 Planners

Where To Shop For 2021 Planners

written by Ryanne Co on November 17, 2020. Find the original article here.  


The year is finally ending! Start 2021 off right with these functional and fashionable planners.

2020 has thrown even the best of us off track. But fear not, for in just a few short weeks, the entire world will be welcoming in a hopeful new year. While things may not magically snap back to normal at the onset of January, there's still much to look forward to in the coming months. Fill your thoughts with hope — and keep yourself on track with your goals — with these gorgeous new planners from the most luxurious of brands. 

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Jacinto And Lirio

In a bid to forward the Love Local cause, those looking for 2021 planners may turn their gaze towards Jacinto and Lirio's exciting desk planners. Inspired by the alamat of Filipino folklore, this hybrid vision board and desk planner features artwork that honours the tale of Maria Maganda. Her tale tells the origins of the banana or saging, the "only fruit with a heart".  

Aside from incorporating vegan leather into the set, this desk planner also features a built-in corkboard and magnetic clipboard for all the reminders or mementos of your day.

Smythson Of Bond Street

Smythson of Bond Street marries elegance with functionality in a line of multi-sized diaries. They have pocket sized, mid-sized, and desk-sized planners and calendars for those with varying lifestyles. In particular, we're loving their 2021 Mara Soho Diary, which features a crocodile embossed leather cover that comes in five muted shades. There is a week-to-view layout plus a notes page so your schedule can be easily seen in perspective. A slip pocket holds important papers in the back as well. 

Smythson of Bond Street ships to the Philippines via their website


Moleskine planners have become an essential to most busy bees. This year get excited once again for the release of the Moleskine 2021. Their Le Petit Prince line has always been a bestseller, featuring the charming characters made popular by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Themed artwork, fun quotes, and a per-day layout will accompany the lucky buyer who gets a hand on these planners. 


German publishing house, teNeues offers a fun 2021 planner you can get at Fully Booked. Its magnetic cover design — which is inspired by the elegance of classic tomes — is one that bookworms may very well appreciate. It features a week-to-view layout and has a ribbon bookmark for extra convenience. A slim pocket in the back may be used to store important papers or business cards. 

This teNeues 2021 planner is available online at Fully Booked.


Like most things MUJI, the brand's 2021 planner is clean, chic, and functional. Those with minimalist style will love its pristine white white cover and straightforward layout. On the other hand, artistic creatives can also look forward to using this planner as a canvas for ideas, doodles, and everything in between. 

The MUJI 2021 planner can be bought online at trunc.ph.

The Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA)

MoMA's exciting weekly calendar is a flexible type planner that merges art and inspiration. With photographs depicting the works of women, this choice is one that's made to be quick and easy. Its cover features a colourful geometric pattern cover that makes it unique and distinguishably yours — not to mention, it's great for art lovers.


The Everyday planner is a chic, weekly planner that most everyone would want to have. It comes in a rainbow of colours — everything from tan to red and teal. The best part? Each colour features artwork from a different creative, making it a fun choice to pick your favourite. The planners boast bleed-resistant pages, a vegetable leather cover, a monthly budget tracker, and two bookmarks each. Great for all the busy boys and girls!

Everyday planners are available on their website

Design Your Life

Design Your Life planners have been around for a long time — and no wonder. Their immense popularity is the result of well-made, eye-catching design, plus a few fun extras. Each planner comes with two sticker sheets, an expandable pocket, and two ribbon bookmarks. With a hardcover that's done in a matte finish, this adorable planner also features tools that help in organising your finances, your lifestyle goals, and your relationships. Invest in this all-around planner this coming year!

Where To Next

We know you've been missing the thrill of travel. In 2021, stay optimistic for adventure with the Where To Next planner. Not only do they feature a super cool textured cover, but this planner has also published fascinating stories from people you may relate to. There's an interactive page that can help you define your thoughts, as well as a bucket list for both local and international destinations. Dateless monthly spreads and weekly pages sit alongside a world map and a mood tracker for a comprehensive yearly outlook that's sure to be as exciting as your wanderlust. 

The Where To Next planner is available on their website


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