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TATSULOK: A Breakthrough in Stylish, Sustainable, and Versatile Pencil Cases

Written by MediaMomManila on February 23, 2022

Stylish, sleek, versatile; upon first glance, you wouldn’t think these words would be describing something as mundane as a pencil case, but surprise surprise!

Jacinto & Lirio has just released their all new innovative Laro Expandable Rectangular Pencil case. Not only is it stylish, sleek, and versatile, but it is also sustainable and made local!

STYLISH & SLEEK – For those who value aesthetics, the rectangular pencil case showcases a sleek design, with a wristlet that allows for easy carrying that also allows you to show off the Philippine games inspired print on the product’s vegan leather!

VERSATILE – Laro Expandable Rectangular Pencil Case’s main selling point is its versatility. While maintaining its rectangular form allows you to save space in your bag, the pencil case also expands in size that then allows you to hold not only pens and pencils, but also items like scissors, rulers, and other office items. How is it done?

The zippered side flap can be unzipped that allows for the transformation of the pencil case into a form of desk organizer that can hold long desk accessories like rulers and paintbrushes. The structured wide opening allows you to easily see and retrieve the contents held within the pencil case. The case can even fit roles of washi tapes of up to 1.7 inches or 4.3 cm in diameter. Lastly, the previously mentioned wristlet allows you to carry the case around outside your bag to save storage space, or to be carried on your arm if needed.

SUSTAINABLE – How is this product sustainable? Well the product makes use of vegan leather, specifically, the product’s main material is made out of water lilies making it very durable. So not only do you get a pencil case that morphs and transforms, but you are also getting a product that benefits the environment.

            MADE LOCAL – The pencil case was made locally, by locals, with the local population in mind. This can be especially seen in the product’s design choice of showcasing different Philippine games as printed on the pencil case! Different designs showcase different common Philippine games as follows:

            • Tatsulok – Habulan

            • Tatsulok – Piko

            • Tatsulok – Luksong tinik

            • Tatsulok – Langit lupa

            And if you’re looking for a more minimalistic design that still carries all these features, the product also has a Tatsulok-Plain variation.

            Laro Expandable Rectangular Pencil Case was made with everyone in mind. Are you a student with a bunch of stationery you use for classes everyday? This pencil case can help you stay organized in more ways than one! A woman who has to carry a bunch of make up in your bag? The product expands so you can clearly see every product you need to use! Are you an artist? Well this keeps all your art needs in a neat and tidy set-up, and expands so you can see each of your items as needed! Just an everyday person who likes to keep things organized? Store whatever you want within the case!

Stylish, sleek, versatile, sustainable, and made local. Laro Expandable Rectangular Pencil Case was made for everyone, with everyone in mind.


Thinking of buying one of your own? You can now buy this product through these links:

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