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BPI Merchandise: Sustainable Linen Drawstring Journal Pouch Eco-Bag

BPI Merchandise: Sustainable Linen Drawstring Journal Pouch Eco-Bag

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Have your Jacinto & Lirio journal and wallet protected by using our sustainable Linen Ecobags. You can also use these eco-friendly reusable pouches in making your gift wrapping extra special. Better yet, need an extra hand for your phone, pens, and keys for a quick dash at the grocery? These sleek convenient linen ecobags are what you need!



PROTECTIVE JOURNAL and PLANNER POUCH: The Sustainable Linen Drawstring Journal Pouch Eco-bag adds protection to your favorite journals or planners with the additional benefit of a linen drawstring for a secure hold.

REUSABLE ECO-BAG: It's all the rage these days to make your gifts look extra special and one-of-a-kind. With the size of the eco-bag, you can use this not just as a journal pouch, but also in wrapping your gift in a stylish way.

STYLISH & DURABLE: The materials used in these eco bags are of high quality making it stylish and durable at the same time.

UNISEX: Light green, khaki, grey, and maroon are among the unisex colors available for these environmental bags


Cover may be damaged or scratched by sharp objects and edges. Please store in a soft pouch or cover surfaces with cloth or thick paper when placing it into a packed bag.

  • 1 x Linen Eco Bag with BPI Logo

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