The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio
The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order) - Jacinto & Lirio

The Work Protection Set (Pre-Order)

Jacinto & Lirio - Php1,258/set if 12 sets
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  • Jacinto & Lirio Kaibigan II Badge Holder - Commute Wallet
  • Human Nature 50ml Hand Sanitizer
  • Reusable Denim Mask
  • Polypropylene Isolation Scrub Suit (Same material as surgical masks)


  • For pre-ordering
  • Price per set: Php1258 if 12 sets
  • Lead Time: 2 -3weeks (as of now)


  1. Jacinto & Lirio Kaibigan ID - Commute Wallet

    Going out for lunch? You don't need to bring your wallet anymore with this card holder. Just insert your ATM and credit card in your Jacinto & Lirio Kaibigan ID Card Wallet which. Includes slip-on garter to secure your paper bills and zippered exterior pocket for coins.



    BADGE HOLDER: The ID window with screen mesh in front protects the design and surface of your Company ID badge.


    ID CARD HOLDER WALLET WITH ZIPPERED COIN PURSE: No need to pull out your entire wallet from your bag and risk theft or loss during commute or travel.  Keep your 2 essential cards like your beep card and ATM, a garterized strap to hold your bills and an exterior zippered coin purse ---all in one wearable card wallet hanging on your neck, for convenience when on the go or just simply going out of the office for lunch.


    MINIMALIST FAUX LEATHER LANYARD: Add style to your corporate look while balancing convenience and ease while on the go by keeping your hands free


    VEGAN-LEATHER: The cover is made of water hyacinth plant leather, which is a good conversation starter! No animal was harmed in the process of manufacturing our products.

    Paint on it using acrylic paint of water color after applying a primer, draw using permanent markers or have your name engraved for a more customized look.


    ECO-FRIENDLY: Our brand uses sustainably harvested vegan leather that helps in lessening the water hyacinths that are infesting bodies of water in different local communities


    WATER RESISTANT: Our vegan leather is waterproof! Makes accidental spillage over your refill cover a bit more bearable since it won’t soak into the material. Just wipe it off with fabric.



    • 25 x W10.16 cm
    • ID Badge Holder
    • Simple garterized weave to hold paper bills or receipts
    • Zippered coin purs
    • 2 credit card card holders

    2. Human Nature 50ml Hand Sanitizer

    • 100% Natural | Triclosan-free
    • GERMS BEGONE: Delight in a spritz of freshness as you bid bacteria goodbye. Keep your hands protected with this formula clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs.*
    • CLEAN & SOFT: Soothing aloe extract moisturizes skin and keeps it supple with Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and amino acids.

    *Based on in-vitro analysis conducted by a third party laboratory

    Did You Know? Studies show long-term exposure to some ingredients in antibacterial products, including triclosan, “could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects,” according to the FDA. (

    3. Reusable Canvass Mask

    A study by Cambridge University as featured on Martha Stewart’s, Yahoo Finance, and Huffpost websites) tested over 30 different materials. After noting the corona virus’ particle size, 0.06-0.14 microns and five to ten microns when found in droplets, DENIM and CANVAS fabrics are the fabrics best-suited to blocking out germs while still being breathable enough for consistent wear.

    • Canvass reusable/washable face mask. 
    • 3 layers of fabric filter
    • Refill pocket for additional filter
    • Comfortable elastic cord
    • Adjustable
    • Shape of face mask can fit the contour of your face snugly and comfortably

    4. ISOLATION SCRUB SUIT (Polypropylene)

    • 80 gsm Polypropylene non woven fabric (similar to fabric used for surgical masks)
    • High neck isolation gown
    • Shin length based on 5’6 height
    • Closures at the back
    • Water-rerellant
    • Free size
    • Yellow